Live & Unplugged

We lined up some great musicians for our 2014 show. Playing live throughout the day for your enjoyment, we were delighted to present to you:

Josie & The Outlaw

Throwing up a storm and gathering fans wherever they play, Josie & The Outlaw are a hot rockin' band taking you back to the days of the good old Rock 'n' Roll! Originally from Swindon, this rockabilly band have been taking their bluesy guitar riffs and crooning melodies all over the UK and we were thrilled to welcome them to Tattoo Freeze.


Monsters in the Attic

Monsters In The Attic are a London based trio who play up-beat rock n roll with hard rock influences,  riding between down-strung punk beats and power ballad harmonic melodies. Inspired by bands such as Rocket From The Crypt, Priestess and even The Beach Boys, they sing tongue-in-cheek songs about riding your luck, zombie girlfriends back from the dead and generally being bad-ass.

They're spearheading a mission to punch the fun back into rock n roll and offer a refreshing alternative to stereotypically stroppy-faced musicians. Their hedonistic approach hasn’t gone unnoticed either, as the band were voted Top Band of 2008 on Total Rock’s NWO show and received the Demo of The Month accolade from Metal Hammer magazine.

Jemma Krysa

Jemma is an acoustic folk singer songwriter from the rural mining village of Tairgwaith, near the Black Mountains in South Wales. Jemma’s unique voice has a captivating velvet warmth and together with her emotive lyrics and beautiful rhythmic melodies, Jemma is proving a big hit on the musical circuit.

Jemma is currently writing new material, working on her new website and arranging bigger gigs, venues and festivals for next year. This beautiful young lady is definitely one to watch out for!

Calling All Bands That Can Cut It Unplugged...

From 5 piece bands to solo acts, if you feel you have what it takes to hold an audience as well as play great tunes acoustically, then we have just the place for you to be: Here on the ‘Unplugged’ stage.

Music, we feel, is an important part of any event, but sometimes it can get a little too loud and a little too raucous! Not here, it’s going to be literally chilled out all the way, where you can sit and relax listening to each set.

We are currently looking for bands to play unplugged sets of approximately 30 mins. Are you interested? Then email two tracks and your contact details to We'll be in touch in no time.