BMX & Skateboard Demonstrations

Style Bicycle

Keelan Phillips is 4 x UK and 2 x European champion and performed his amazing tricks live at the show, alongside James White, another UK Flatland BMX legend!

The guys pulled off incredible stunts and tricks and a number of amazing shows throughout the day!

King Ramps

Ewan Bower

Ewan recently won the mini ramp comp at Street Fest in Old St. I've taken Ewan on as one of demo-riders as he's good to watch, he never quite looks in control yet pulls things out the bag he shouldn't get away with! Fast powerful skateboarding at it's finest!

Tom Justice

Tom, or Justice as he's known - is one of the most stylish BMX riders out there. Well known for making the art of riding look good, huge airs, and an effortless approach. Justice is the riders favourite. He has riden at various events for King Ramps over the years and is always a favourite with the crowd.

Martin Cooper

Martin is one the UK's top BMX pro riders. A regular face in the finals at all the big contests across Europe, and being a natural born likeable show off, he's perfect for riding at these sorts of events. He is sponsored by Zeal BMX distribution and is a member of the Vans BMX team.

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