BMX & Skateboard Demonstrations

For 2014, there were a series of demonstrations by the country’s top tricksters in the sports of BMX and boarding!

We had some of the most talented names rolling into the venue to showcase their amazing talents and give you a spectacular show.

Jack Foley

Jack is the newest member of the Odssa Team. An up and coming BMX rider from Dudley, he's 17 years old and full of enthusiasm to get involved and become the best he can be. His high ambitions help him to learn, have fun and teach others.

He has recently picked up a few new sponsors which are helping his progress and showing his increase in reputation.





Ewan Bower

Skater Ewan Bower, the recent winner of the Mini Ramp Comp at Street Fest demoed his stunts on the ramp at 2014's Tattoo Freeze.

Pulling tricks out of the bag in an effortless manner, he's a perfect example of fast, powerful skateboarding at it's finest.

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